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Finding Balance for Health and Self

Everyone has a story...

Hello! My name is Salwa and I am the founder and sole practitioner of Microscopic Health. It's nice to virtually meet you and welcome!

I specialize in Advanced Live Blood Cell Analysis (Nutritional Microscopy), Iridology and Reflexology.


I help empower clients with knowledge and tools that enable them to heal naturally.

If you struggle with your health and need lasting, impactful motivation, you've come to the right place! 


Click on 'Read More' to discover more about me and the story that led me here.

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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Take a closer look at what your blood is trying to tell you

Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology with cupping

Reset. Restore. Relax.

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Provides vital information of internal stressors

Beautiful Landscape


Beautiful Landscape

Jacob P. 

"The Live Blood Cell Analysis is such a great eye-opener! Throughout my appointments I have been able to see a tangible difference in the condition of my blood, as well as my overall health and energy levels. Salwa is very knowledgeable and does an incredible job teaching what we are actively seeing in my blood cells and providing practical recommendations leading to a healthier life."

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Peter K.

"Salwa was able to examine my blood (before reading my health history form) and accurately identify my chief complaints!  Then, she took one look at my eyes and  accurately identified a few more issues. I was truly amazed!"

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Talbot P. 

"My Reflexology appointment with Salwa was not only relaxing, but also brought relief throughout different parts of the body. I have very ticklish feet but this was not an issue at all! Salwa used techniques that accommodate for this which made for a very comfortable experience. I would highly recommend it!"

#110, 5 Spruce Village Way
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Microscopic Heath
Located at Vita Sana Naturopathic Wellness Clinic

Phone: (780) 948-0550

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